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Why FreshGuru's Grocery Bag?

Roaming produce aisles, exploring stalls at markets and digging into dirt excites the hungry person that lives deep in many of us. 

A store’s character is often reflective of the neighbourhood it is located in or its owner’s footprint. It can tell you about the neighbourhood and the food habits in that area. FreshGuru is a guide that showcases what we see at store level.  The focus is on fresh produce. With 400+ SKUs in the fresh produce department, the challenge exists to keep the store staff, produce managers and cashiers, up to speed on fruits and veggies. If you work in fresh produe or love to eat it,  keep exploring this site to discover some great ideas. Do you have a great idea or tip to share? Please do! Email chris @  

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    PMA’s Fresh Summit with SUPER FOODS PERU

    What conjures up in your mind if I say Peru? What about its fruits and vegetables? I was invited by the PMA to cover the opening of PROMPERU’s (which stands for Peru’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board) booth at the PMA Fresh Summit 2017 in mid October in New Orleans. They were unveiling the SUPER FOODS PERU brand.

    I’ll be looking for fresh produce from Peru as I wander into Canadian grocery stores. And, depending on the time of the year, there is quite a bit to choose from. Peru has been working hard on increasing their profile.

    The PROMPERU booth showcased pomegranates, mangos, blueberries, grapes, avocados, asparagus and mandarins. The booth was attractive, brightly coloured and offered up plenty of hand outs.

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    Fresh Summit PMA 2017 New Orleans

    Did you know that the fresh produce world actually has their own conventions? This week, October 16, 2017 I’m heading down to New Orleans to see what is happening on the exhibit floor and at the various educational workshops.

    The PMA #freshsummit is North America’s largest show that attracts produce buyers, merchandising managers, wholesalers, retailers, various groups and organizations.  And, if you are running a produce department or walking through one as you pick up a few items, you must often wonder where it all comes from. Well the movers and the shakers are there all week. Deals will be cut, new items introduced, campaigns announced - they won’t all be for Canadian grocers but lots will trickle across the border.

    Here’s a flashback to the 2013 show.

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    Roasting Chestnuts in December

    Autumn is in the air Chestnuts are starting to appear in the stores but unless your shopper is a seasoned kitchen pro, there’s a good change that they will grab a ready to go package of chestnuts already cooked and peeled. With a little bit of encouragement  you can have them picking up bags of chestnuts. Right now this display, while looking great, does little to educate or motivate me. They must figure out that I know what to do with these nuts.

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    Signs from FreshSt, Fareway, Kits Market, SaveOn Foods and more.

    Do your signs create a reaction with your shopper? These are some signs we spotted at various retailers that either made us smile,laugh or learn a little tidbit about fresh produce. A few of these signs just assured us that you don’t have to be boring to communicate with your staff.

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    5 Tips to get kids interested in fresh produce

    Here are a few tips to help kids eat more fresh produce

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